Green Agate Phone Holder - Natural Edges



Product Type: Phone Holders

Vendor: Matty + Lux

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If you’re inspired by nature and consider yourself extremely calm and serene, then a pretty green agate phone grip will satisfy your soul. Prop your phone up in style and keep it safe. The shiny grip allows you more convenience in your day and helps keep your phone safely put.

These stones are between 2"-3" in size. Please note all slices are different in color, shades, veining, shapes, etc. So each holder will be unique. These are AMAZING and everyone need one for their phone.

**Please note all of our 'Stone' Phone holders are natural & unique stones. So if you drop your phone, it could chip, crack, or break. Due to the nature of the stone we will not be responsible for, or be able to replace any broken 'Stone' phone grip holders.**

I am not responsible for this not sticking to your phone. Please follow application instructions which can be found online.

 Size Chart


S 36-38 in / 91-96 cm 35-37 in / 88-93 cm 33.5 in / 85 cm
M 39-41 in / 91-104 cm 38-40 in / 96-101 cm 34.0 in / 86 cm
L 42-44 in / 106-111 cm 41-43 in / 104-109 cm 34.8 in / 88 cm
XL 45-48 in / 114-121 cm 44-46 in / 111-116 cm  35.5 in / 90 cm
2XL 49-52 in / 124-132 cm 47-49 in / 119-124 cm 36.3 in / 92 cm
3XL 53-56 in / 134-142 cm 50-52 in / 127-132 cm 37.0 in / 94 cm
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