Coffee + Cocoa Mask Grains



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Vendor: Matty + Lux

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Green tea is great for its purifying and firming capabilities. While it great in theory to make lengthy (and expensive) appointments for facials and other anti-aging treatments, it’s just not feasible for working moms and busy gals. This is why you’ve got to treat yourself to mask grains. They are great for your skin, easy to use, and ultra-affordable. This way, you can pamper yourself any time you wish, without the hassle of making appointments or leaving your home!

To use the grains, simply mix their powder with a little bit of water to create a thick paste. You can even indulge and mix it with a dash of honey or yogurt. Using a brush or your fingers spread the paste evenly onto your skin. Lie back, relax, and let the mask work for 10 minutes. When time’s up, rinse it with warm water. You’ll notice smoother and shinier looking skin!


 Size Chart


S 36-38 in / 91-96 cm 35-37 in / 88-93 cm 33.5 in / 85 cm
M 39-41 in / 91-104 cm 38-40 in / 96-101 cm 34.0 in / 86 cm
L 42-44 in / 106-111 cm 41-43 in / 104-109 cm 34.8 in / 88 cm
XL 45-48 in / 114-121 cm 44-46 in / 111-116 cm  35.5 in / 90 cm
2XL 49-52 in / 124-132 cm 47-49 in / 119-124 cm 36.3 in / 92 cm
3XL 53-56 in / 134-142 cm 50-52 in / 127-132 cm 37.0 in / 94 cm
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